Written by: Sha Hussain – BHDI Managing Director


On Saturday 21st August – a typical British summers day was forecast. A little bit of sunshine to start the day, with light winds….before the sounds of little droplets onto life vests. But this did not dampen (pun intended) the mood of what was geared to be a great day!

Warm Up


Both the BHDI Brothers and Sisters entered separate teams but all united with a common aim – to WIN. Sorry, got carried away, ‘to raise funds for the charity’ and secondly, WIN.


Humour aside, the pep talk began in normal Pep or Jose (for football fans) style, a group huddle (with covid restrictions in consideration) and briefing from brother Alim , sister Saima and Sha. After the ‘calm and motivating’ words, we all began to strategize….which all went to plan, until we entered the boat. Soon as we had all put on our vests, listened to a safety briefing and got our paddles, it was go go go. As with anything, the excitement of competition meant, we were not in rhythm as we should have been….lesson learnt, and both boats headed back onto dry land after the first race.

Race 2


Time to apply lessons learned? Both team started sharing notes and after  lunch and a few penalty shots (at the Launchgood stand – you can see how we did at that later)….we began our training. Its never too late! It paid off, everyone in tone (shouting), everyone in focus, everyone in sync….we managed to take 7 seconds off our previous time. Take time to watch our Youtube video – link is at the bottom.

Final Race


We went the other way! I know what you are thinking…what do you mean ‘ you went the other way’…the boat travels in one direction during the race – straight. To clarify, whilst we may have reduced our time during the second race…I think the cakes on display, chocolates on offer and clearly the afternoon tea went against us, as we went in the opposite direction when it came to ‘time’…we added an extra 5 seconds.

Lessons Learned


To sum up…it was a great day…an amazing day. Lots of fun, lots laughter and a community feel that we had all lost the last 2 years. With thousands in attendance, BHDI got a lot of attention, there was a lot of engagement and Alhumdulillah over £13000 raised for the charity.


We want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for donating, participating and your duas/wishes.


Finally – did I mention we WON! (the penalty shoot-out).

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