Who We are

The Bangladesh Health Development Initiative (BHDI) is a voluntary project initiated by two UK registered charities – BRTUK and BMRF. It is a collective of doctors, healthcare professionals and volunteers from the United Kingdom who have come together to address the medical needs of the most vulnerable people in Bangladesh.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.









We work with UK and Bangladeshi healthcare professionals and volunteers to help alleviate the medical services needs of the poorest in Bangladesh. Our marquee project is the annual Bangladesh medical tour with British Bangladeshi doctors, nurses and other professionals to deliver free medical camps in rural Bangladesh.
Apart from delivering a much needed service, this helps us to assess where our intervention is needed the most, so we can plan our efforts and resources accordingly and gives an opportunity to non-resident Bangladeshis to connect with and contribute to their root.

What we do

Our long-term intervention

Our long-term intervention effort includes other projects, including but not limited to, the establishment of a free monthly clinic programme in rural areas of Bangladesh, set up a nursing college and to support and standardise village medical network practices. This vision, and more, can only be achieved by support from the wider community so we urge you to support us in all possible ways.


Where we operate

We have conducted free medical services & provisions across Bangladesh, trusting on both our local knowledge (of established areas) and increasing our coverage every year. Working with solely with volunteers both in the UK and Bangladesh, we are able to ensure our reach and resource spend goes directly to the poor and vulnerable.


Zakat Policy

Zakat donations will be spent on a variety of methods – food distribution (as part of our Prevention Campaigns e.g. Malnutrition, Weight Loss cases), income generation (to facilitate self sustenance and health) and medical treatment programme. Please email us and we can provide use cases, should you want further details.


Some notable conditions of Zakat are included below:

  • The recipient must be a Muslim
  • The recipient must be in need and is distinguished from service provision (unless mutually agreed after assessment under zakat guidelines )
  • The recipient does not use funds to pay for other services e.g. mosque maintenance/services.
  • The applicant/recipients request is complaint with Islamic law (zakat).

Administration Overheads & Donation Policy

Our 100% donation policy – means that everything you donate from your pocket is spent on BHDI projects.


BHDI has limited administration expenses which are funded through the gift aid earnings and donations directly from our staff.

These funds cover the costs of items such as the following:

  • Website support, development and integration
  • Marketing
  • Licensing
  • Prevention Campaign Materials (e.g. Video production)

All our staff are volunteers and our only overhead from a resource perspective, is the coach drivers we hire for 2 weeks during our annual medical camp trips.


For further details or queries, feel free to use the contact us form.

Annual Accounts & Spend

Our accounts are filed yearly, so that our donors can can view where their funds are being spent. We aim to provide transparency and continue to improve our ways of working to ensure our donors have access to the information they need when making informed decision on their sadaqah and zakat spend.


2020 – 2021 Accounts: We have produced our Annual Report & Financial Statement for the accounting period ending 31st Jan 2021. If you would like a copy, we would be happy to provide the document to you. Please email us at [email protected] for your copy.