Our Project

BHDI intend to launch various projects to help complement existing, and potentially develop new, healthcare services and provisions in Bangladesh. There are three projects currently underway as detailed below.You can be a part of this worthy cause by donating to a project of your choice – your support will help propel our efforts and motivate our teams!

The BHDI delivers free medical camps to the most needy in Bangladesh. Every year we have a team of medical doctors and other professionals who tour the country to deliver relief camps free of charge.

This project aims to open access to medical services for the rural community of Bangladesh who despite their poverty and lack of mobility infrastructure are in possession of a smart phone by and large.

The current year’s Global Health Leadership program will incorporate giving restorative consideration regarding the absolute most underserved, rustic regions in Bangladesh by support

The nursing college project is an important endeavour to help reduce the acute shortage of quality nursing staff in Bangladesh. This is a very ambitious project which requires a tactical response.

1. Talks/Video
2. Emergency Food Pack distribution

Covid Corner is BHDI’s response to the international pandemic. We have setup a number of projects to help both the UK and Bangladesh – this includes video content discussing Covid (Radio, TV and Facebook Live), our own BHDI blog...

Our Dengue campaign provides information, advice and preventative measures. We have had cases in 2019 (around 20,000 people, mainly children) and in 2020, thus our aim has been to provide equipment and advice to try help stop the spread of the disease.