Medical Clinics (Across Bangladesh)


Support us to establish 6 free medical clinics across Bangladesh.

This project aims to provide access to free medical care to patients on a monthly basis to the poor, needy and vulnerable. With an emphasis on quality of care, our local BD doctors will adhere to mutually agreed guidelines and processes (within the local laws & practices).


We aim to provide monthly clinics across Bangladesh with a focus on a few key areas:

  • General Practice
  • Paediatrics
  • Gynaecology
  • Optics/Opticians.

There will also be a number of other staff, from paramedics/nurses to helpers.

Molvibazar Clinic

Our first BHDI Clinic was setup in Moulvibazar in the middle of the global Covid pandemic and has been running since March 2021.  Some of our onsite/free monthly clinic pictures can be viewed on the right and social media platforms where we post regular updates. We have seen over a 800 patients, some of whom have been asked to return in a following month for follow-up care. We continue to deliver free medication and treatment with either zakat or donations – please review our Annual Accounts for details on such expenditure.


Dhaka Clinic

Our second free medical clinic was setup in Mohammedpur, Dhaka on the 22nd October 2021. Following an assessment of a number of areas, we chose the area of Mohammedpur, due to the proximity to the Dhaka slums and the general population in the area.

In helping find the right location we carried made sure that the building, when its not in use, is used occupied to fully utilise it, thus it runs classes etc (please check our photo of the building – Note: for clarity, we do not provide educational classes).

We aim is to see between 70—90 patients every month, providing qualitative free assessment/consultation and free medication, where reasonably possible. We will utilise zakat, for those eligible, for more critical conditions based on assessment by our doctors.


We operate a 100% donation policy. Please also remember to add GIFT AID to your donation, if you are a UK tax payer.

What's Next: Our Next Clinic/Future Location

We are currently in search of new locations and in discussions with a number of individuals. Covid has had an impact on accessibility, thus we will update this site once a location has been identified.

Anisha's Story (real life charity funded life saving operation)

Example of funds expenditure: 


Patient X: Female, 2.5 year old, a young child

Medical Assessment: Heart Condition (‘hole’)

Feedback: Due to age, diet and living conditions, this young girl was predicted not to live past her teens. Her parents were poor, and could not pay for her medication/treatment. Making daily choices between life (essential food) and future death (heart condition left untreated).


We ask you to watch this short video – to fully understand this young girls plight.



This is one of many cases we have seen, many of them elderly and children, some of whom require further assessment and treatment, that they cannot financially afford. This is where your donations provide some relief.


Zakat donations will be spent on a variety of methods – food distribution (as part of our Prevention Campaigns e.g. Malnutrition, Weight Loss cases), income generation (to facilitate self sustenance and health) and medical treatment programme. Please email us and we can provide use cases, should you want further details.

Clinic Setup Process

Before we embark on a new clinic, we go through a number of steps to under take due diligence and ensure safety for all those that attend. Each clinic has to abide by a set of rules, that govern its operations. A few of these standard operating procedure are listed below for transparency around our expenditures:

  • Location validation and assessment
  • Monthly Accounting Schedule
  • Team Audit
  • Patient Data collection and storage
  • Local procedure and premises management
  • UK management team review & audit

We will never setup a clinic without oversight and confidence in maintainability and adherence to health and safety. All our doctors are vetted and regular performance checks are undertaken to make sure our patients receive the highest quality of care in their respective areas.

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BHDI Moulvibazar/Dhaka Clinics:

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