BHDI Corona Action Plan in full swing

Written by: Sha Hussain – BHDI Managing Director


The lockdown across all countries has had a profound effect on a number of countries, not more so in countries such as Bangladesh where dense population within such a small country could lead to a worsening of the pandemic. Along with a number of other possible factors that could negatively impact the population, the BHDI team have taken the decision to raise funds to distribute food and PPE equipment across Bangladesh, helping the poor and needy as well as medical staff.

Our volunteers and senior country executives have personally been involved in the distribution of food, as you can see from the pictures below. Through our sources, we have also been able to locate quality/certified PPE equipment and provide these to medical institutions and hospitals.


With your generous donations, we have raised over £10,000 which we have distributed and continue to distribute. Your zakat has helped us reach the destitute, the elderly and given us the ability to improve people’s livelihood from provisions such as rickshaws (as an income generator).

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